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Faux Wood Exterior Panel Siding w/ Real Wood Look

Faux Wood Exterior Panel Siding w/ Real Wood Look

A home with a gorgeous wood siding exterior, or gables adorned with rustic wooden shakes has curb appeal that boasts warmth, dimension, and rustic charm. Homeowners who use real, authentic wood siding on their home’s exterior may find that installation is complicated and upkeep of their wood siding is time-consuming and expensive.

Luckily, there’s a better solution. Faux wood panels and exterior siding have a striking resemblance to real wood, with little to no maintenance required. Better yet, installation is DIY-friendly, making it easy to complete your project using simple tools and materials.

Let’s explore how you can use exterior wood-look siding and panels to add character to your home’s exterior and outdoor spaces.

Can I Install Faux Wood Panels and Siding Outside?

Yes, you can – faux wood is so versatile!

Faux wood panels can be used inside or outside of your home. These panels are available in a variety of sizes, wood grains, and colors that are incredibly realistic.

Faux wood siding is a great option for home exteriors. Our selection of shake siding includes rough sawn, round, and hand split in an impressive array of colors.

So, now let’s uncover the differences in how faux wood panels and shake siding compare to real wood.

Benefits of Faux Wood vs. Real Wood

Faux wood panels and siding are smart alternatives when you want the exterior wood look without all of the hassle and expense. At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference, but faux wood has a lot of benefits that real wood just can’t match.

Faux Wood Panels & Siding Real Wood Exterior Siding
Maintenance Little to no maintenance, can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Periodic cleaning, sealing, painting, and replacement.
Weight Lightweight, easy to manage. Solid and heavy.
Cost Affordable alternative to real wood. Expensive to purchase, install, and maintain.
Ease of installation Quick, simple, DIY friendly. May require a professional.
Wood look and texture Cast from molds of real wood Natural wood grain, natural distressing, and texture.
Durability Resistant to cracking, chipping, fading, and peeling. Resistant to most weather conditions. Won’t attract most insects. Requires upkeep to maintain durability. May attract insects.

Exterior Faux Wood Panel & Siding Ideas

Our faux wood panels and siding can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior and outdoor spaces. Whether you cover an entire wall or use them to complement an existing stone or brick facade, these products are perfect for your home exterior makeover.

Reclaimed shiplap panel in rustic

Adorn your outdoor bar with faux wood panels that look like barn wood. Reclaimed shiplap faux wood panels invite the elegance and texture of authentic antique barnwood to your outdoor entertaining area.

Turn heads with an accent wall behind your covered porch or outdoor dining area with the rugged charm of reclaimed shiplap barn board panels.

Reclaimed shiplap barnboard paneling in aged

Chevron faux wood wall panels on a covered porch ceiling

Chevron faux wood wall panels are perfect for adding modern dimension and farmhouse vibes to any exterior space. Panels are available unfinished so you can paint or stain them to your style. This customer painted their panels a light, airy blue to bring visual interest to the ceiling of their porch.

Create a whimsical cottage-style “gingerbread look” with half-round shake siding panels. This customer used white shakes on their exterior behind a decorative gable to create a wooden scale pattern commonly seen in many Victorian-style homes.

Novik half-round shake panels in white gingerbread

How to Choose the Right Exterior Wood Siding or Panel

When it comes to deciding between real wood siding and faux wood exterior siding panels, it's helpful to ask yourself the following questions to determine your priorities.

  • What’s your budget? Which product (real vs. faux) fits within your budget?
  • Do you have time or energy for the maintenance and upkeep of real wood siding?
  • Does your exterior siding need to be resistant to insects?
  • How durable do you need your siding to be?
  • How easy is the installation process?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, durable, easy-to-install product, exterior faux wood panels and siding are the answer. So how do you choose the product for your exterior home makeover?

Determine What Look You’re Going For

Are you looking for a whimsical, cottage-style exterior, something modern and refreshing, or more of a natural and classic look? Once you’ve decided what style suits you and your space, you’ll have an easier time selecting the right faux wood panel or shake.

Novik northern shake siding panel in brunswick green

Novik Northern Shake Exterior Siding Panels provide a clean, natural, and stately vibe.

Chevron Faux Wood Panels’ v-shaped pattern is perfect for achieving a modern, sleek exterior.

Chevron faux wood wall panel in biscotti java

End grain wood panel in seaside

For a rugged, outdoorsy aesthetic, End Grain Faux Wood Panels can make any outdoor surface look just like natural, gorgeous, distressed wood.

Reclaimed Shiplap Barnwood Panels can help you achieve the same rustic look as genuine wooden boards salvaged from an old barn.

Reclaimed shiplap panel in rustic

Novik half round in windsor blue

For a traditional cottage-style exterior that looks as though it belongs in an enchanted forest, Novik Half Round Shake Paneling does the job.

Where Are You Installing?

The installation location is another thing to consider when choosing the right faux wood exterior panel or shake for your home.

Although every faux wood variety can be installed on almost any exterior surface, some may be more suited for installation on one surface over another.

Explore All Color Options

Once you’ve selected the exterior faux wood panel that is best for your home, be sure to explore all of the color options available. Each variety we offer has at least five colors to choose from that all blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

Faux wood panel color comparison sunbleached vs. weathered

You can even use our helpful color comparison guide located next to the product description on each product page to look at colors side by side. You’re sure to find your favorite!

Ready For a Major Home Exterior Upgrade?

Say goodbye to drab exterior walls!

Choosing faux wood wall panels or siding over natural wood saves time, money, and headaches without sacrificing quality or looks. And, as a bonus, installing faux wood panels or siding is a simple process that you can do yourself over a weekend, or less, using tools that you may already have at home.

Your exterior transformation is as simple as selecting the right panel, placing an order, and installing it yourself. Click below to get started!

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