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Elegant Home Design with Box Beams

Elegant Home Design with Box Beams

Joy Powell from Sonoma, California sent in these pictures of her incredibly elegant home design that featured two styles of our beams on the ceilings.

Elegant home design in Sonoma, CA featuring Barn Board and Wire Brushed box beams with wrought iron chandeliers in the living room.

I can't speak for everybody, but if there was somewhere in America I could only dream of living, it would be Sonoma. Right in the heart of California's northern wine country, the region has a truly stunning micro-climate, incredible views, and a laid-back way of life that most of our overworked, overwrought country could do well to learn from.

And if you were really looking for a slice of Sonoma heaven, you couldn't look much further than the gorgeous home of Joy Powell, a customer who recently sent in pictures of her ceiling project, magnificently completed using our Wire Brushed and Barn Board Beams in Cocoa color.

As you can see from the pictures, Joy's house is truly beautiful - with the white walls and hardwood floors characteristic of the region, and large windows and doors. It's also tastefully decorated - a true show home by anyone's standards.

But Joy wanted more - something that would really add some character to her home.

A natural instinct would be to add exposed wooden beams, which are popular in some of the older homes in the region. The challenge, however, was that Joy's home didn't have any support beams to expose - so she'd need a decorative alternative. That's where some Internet research helped; and enabled Joy to discover our line of real wood box beams.

A quick comparison of cost and ease-of-installation was enough to convince Joy this was absolutely the right route to take. After a bit of browsing on our site, she chose the Barn Board and Wire Brushed beams because they fit the style of the house most appropriately. She then began plotting out how and where to install the beams to make sure they looked realistic and in-keeping with the rest of the home.

Joy's bedroom with Wire Brushed beams installed

To achieve that aim, Joy hit the books - researching online how real timber homes would have been constructed, and looking at historic homes in the region to figure out the layout of their ceilings. Once she'd done that, Joy was ready to mimic that look.

Elegant living room in Sonoma, CA with beams and wrought iron chandeliers

Once the design plan was solidified, Joy spoke to our customer care representatives, who helped her pick the ideal products for her project. The larger central beams and smaller off-set beams were shipped in sizes just a little larger than the measurements of her room - and once they arrived, set about measuring and using a wood saw to trim the beams to fit.

For the central beam that was easy enough - it was only the ends that needed to be trimmed or shaved so the beam sat flush with the walls. After that, it was a simple enough job to drill mounting blocks into the ceiling studs, and then 'slot' the hollow u-shaped beam over them to secure with screws.

California home's bedroom with elegant furnishings, wrought iron chandelier and exposed decorative beams.

The bigger challenge lay with the angled smaller beams. Joy carefully measured and cut the angle at both ends of the beams, so they' d fit flush with the central beam and the surrounding walls. After that, the installation was again fairly straightforward.

It's undeniable that the beams look incredible. Paired with wrought iron chandeliers, they truly add even more character to her already gorgeous home.