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Elegant Exterior Commercial Design Looks To Consider

Elegant Exterior Commercial Design Looks To Consider

Commercial outdoor spaces can be comfortable and relaxing with the right decor. Barron Designs sells a wide array of products that can provide an elegant outdoor aesthetic for commercial spaces. This spring, bring elegant exterior commercial design to your commercial space with the look of stone, brick, wood and more.

Create a Sense of Casual Fun With Old Fashioned Brick

Faux brick wall panels bring a vintage charm to outdoor commercial spaces, adding delightful texture and creating a comfortable ambiance. Installing faux brick wall panels on a space like an outdoor dining patio enhances your commercial space.

Why? Bricks are a traditional building material found on old downtown buildings and older homes. Brick is nostalgic.

To capitalize on the comforting feelings that brick can create, decorate tables or exterior surfaces with accent pieces like lit candles or flowers. Cover tables with umbrellas for shade, and use decorative pitchers to create a sense of coziness.

Add Natural Texture In Outdoor Spaces With Faux Stone

Faux Stone Panels on a commercial  building

Anson Fieldstone Faux Stone Wall Panel in Earth

Whereas faux brick panels create a comforting ambiance on outdoor commercial patios, faux stone panels are cool and modern, with interesting textures and colors that can enhance your commercial outdoor space. Faux stone panels have a special appeal that can also make your outdoor space woodsy, natural, and zen-like.

Pair faux stone panels with vining plants and potted greenery, natural materials like cotton or bamboo, and warm wood accents. Consider decorating with running water by installing a small water feature. At night, cafe lights make your outdoor space and faux stone walls look warm and inviting.

Faux stone panels from Barron Designs come in cobblestone and dry stack options, and in a range of colors, so choose carefully. Coordinate the aesthetic with the design of your building and landscaping.

Install Faux Wood Corbels Under Cornices and Arches

Create a more formal outdoor commercial space with faux wood corbels that adorn cornices, archways, gables, and more. Corbels can be found in spaces like gardens, in former homes turned into businesses in old-fashioned inns. Faux wood corbels make your commercial building more home-like and project an outward appearance of elegance.

For a more desert southwest structure, consider installing faux viga tails. These small touches do a lot to show that your business is made to be a comforting space and looks good.

Install Columns Under Gables to Project Strength & Stability

Gables project outward from buildings to create covered spaces for customers. Gables are used at hotel entrances, dining patios, and more.

You can create a unique aesthetic for your gabled space by installing beautifying wooden columns that project the look of strength, stability and durability. Cover up unsightly supportive poles and install a decorative wooden column wrap instead. While not load bearing, Barron Designs wire brushed wood column wraps are made to look rustic and sturdy, strong and solid.

Wooden column wraps come in many colors and textures. Wire brushed rustic columns bring a sense of home to your business space, while columns with a smoother finish have sleek, modern appeal.

Dress Up Gabled Patios With Wooden Beams & Arches

Ocean-side Patio with Faux Wood Beams

Reclaimed Shiplap Faux Barn Wood Wall Panel in Rustic

Turn a plain gabled patio into something more structurally attractive with beams and arches. Draw the eye upward to reveal natural wooden beams or faux wood beams that look just like the real thing at a more economical price.

Provide a sense of structure, stability, and intentional architecture that creates a unique space for all to enjoy. To reinforce this appearance of solid construction, combine faux beams with other wood accents like faux wooden columns.

Home exterior with Barron Designs products

Somerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panel - Dark Coffee

Need More Exterior Commercial Design Inspiration?

Barron Design creates architectural design features that are economically priced, convenient to install, and beautifully authentic once in place. Our faux panels and beams have an authentic appearance that looks just like the real thing—but at a fraction of the cost. Our customers are property owners of all types, including business owners.

We create products that follow exterior commercial design trends, like faux stone and brick panels, shake siding panels, faux column sleeves, and more. Enhance your outdoor space with our unique, attractive features. Shop our Commercial Design Collection or get inspired in our gallery of finished exterior design projects