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DIY Mantel Shelf makes for a Festive Fireplace

DIY Mantel Shelf makes for a Festive Fireplace

Nothing warms the heart like a roaring fire and, thanks to our faux wood products, you don't need to spend a fortune to get an old-fashioned fireplace perfect for the holidays.

DIY mantel shelf installed as a part of a fireplace makeover project.

AFTER: The mantel shelf looks vividly realistic, and is supported by faux wood corbels.

DIY Mantel Shelf Creates a Festive Fireplace

Amirra B., from Fremont, California, recently sent us these awesome 'before' and 'after' pictures of an impressive DIY mantel shelf project - which transformed a drab hearth into a gorgeous fireplace design sure to impress.

Pride of place sits a rich wooden fireplace mantel - or so you'd think. In fact, its our Rough Sawn Juliet Cove Mantel; made entirely from high density molded polyurethane foam; and weighing just a fraction of what a real timber mantel would.

Going 'faux' is a great option when it comes to fireplaces; as using real wood can be prohibitively expensive, and difficult to install. A real mantel might weigh over a hundred pounds; and in a modern, framed fireplace surround would require reinforced supports to hold the weight.

Older fireplace designs don't always stand the test of time and can make a home feel dated.

BEFORE: Drab, eighties-style tiling made this fireplace uninspiring.

In contrast, our molded polyurethane mantels can be installed using regular screws and simple wooden mounting blocks.

As you can tell from the pictures, Amirra didn't just add the mantel. Replacing the original tile facade of the fireplace are Oxford Ledgestone Tan Panels from our sister site, These installed directly onto the fireplace surround and gave it the vividly realistic texture of authentic stone walling; which perfectly complemented the mantel.

All in all, the combination of the mantel shelf with fake stone panels has transformed her fireplace design - taking it from drab and dull, to bold and beautiful. Even better, it's just in time for the holiday season; and perfect for hanging the family stockings from.