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Curb Appeal - Garage Makeover

A Garage Makeover Tale

Did you catch us on the recent episode of Curb Appeal, the home remodeling show on HGTV? It featured the home of John and Leann Rambeau, who chose to remodel their garage with our faux brick paneling.

We drove the panels down to Bethesda, MD, from our warehouse on Long Island, NY. (Road trip!) Producer David Sibila and the production crew were great. The host, Bill Duggan, wasn't actually there for the taping - maybe that's why I got a little camera time. In the video you can see me offloading the panels and showing Leann how they look up on the wall.

So why did they choose The show lets the homeowners select the materials they want for the project. Leann found us on the internet and picked out our red faux brick paneling. They decided to paint it white to match their house – although these days we have a white brick panel available.

The interesting thing about the homeowner’s garage was that it was only 6-8 feet deep, so it couldn’t actually fit a car. They removed the garage door to make it into a nice outdoor alcove. They wanted it to blend in with the rest of house’s white brick exterior – hence the painted faux paneling.

After a long day of filming and paneling, I headed home with my empty van – leaving the homeowners happy and excited about their new converted alcove. Of course, it then took over a year for the episode to air on TV – but the best faux things in life are worth waiting for.