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Creating a Log Home Look

Creating a Log Home Look

From medieval castles to colonial homesteads, our beams have been used to bring dozens of timeless design aesthetics to life. Now, those options have been broadened even further; with the exciting introduction of our new log style vinyl panels.

Creating a Log Home Style

Log style vinyl panel closeup photo shows the intricate detailing and realism. This close up shows the intricate detailing of our log style vinyl panels

These beautiful siding panels are insulated and easy to install, and are available rendered in one of four real-wood hues - Cypress, Vermont Maple, Spice and Smoke.

Impeccably capturing the appearance of classic log beams, they make it effortless to start recreating the look of a log home even on a building made from board or brick.

The trick to complete the log cabin aesthetic is to then pair your new siding with our range of other products, including beams, vigas and rafter tails.

Viga tails, for example, can be used to give appearance of supporting roof beams poking through the log walls. Similarly unfinished Custom Rough Hewn style beams are versatile enough to be used on corners and as headers on your home exterior; and can be stained to match the log panels.  In combination, these projects can easily turn a great renovation into nothing short of a design inspiration.

For a full list of the accessories you’ll need for installation, click on the Accessories tab here. If you need instructions on how to install this siding, check out this installation guide.

Log style vinyl panels give a home the look of a real log cabin The log cabin look can be achieved easily and affordably

The siding instantly delivers a rustic look, even on modern or brick homes.