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Bring Southwestern Style with Faux Wood Viga Tails

Bring Southwestern Style with Faux Wood Viga Tails

Viga tails are the perfect finishing touch for a Southwestern-style home

Faux wood viga tails are an attractive addition to otherwise plain adobe walls.

Faux Wood Viga Tails Bring Southwestern Style to Any Region

No, a viga tail isn’t a trendy new type of sushi or an attachment for the back of your SUV or a new hairstyle. It’s an architectural detail.

A viga is a rough looking, usually rounded beam used for roof support in adobe and Southwestern-style buildings. A viga tail is a shorter piece that sticks out of the exterior wall, creating the illusion that it’s part of the roof support rather than being purely decorative.

Viga tails are the sort of finishing touch that can really make a home’s exterior, especially since Southwest-style homes tend to have very simple, flat walls. Viga tails dress up the exterior nicely.

Yet using real wood viga tails means constant maintenance and regular replacement. Real wood rots and warps, especially if exposed to extreme summer heat and the frigid desert nights common in the Southwest, as well as more normal seasonal weather in other parts of the country.

Viga tail before-and-after photos show the benefits of faux wood

Viga tail before-and-after photos illustrate how faux wood versions hold up much better than real wood.

Real wood can also attract pests like termites and carpenter ants.  Faux wood viga tails don’t have that problem. They’re also UV resistant, which is essential if used in the bright desert sun of the Southwest and beneficial in all parts of the country.

Even better, faux wood viga tails are resistant to temperature extremes. Rain, snow and wind won’t wear them down or change their appearance even years after installation. Look at the before-and-after photos to see the difference between a real wood viga tail, which can rot like that in less than five years, and a faux wood viga tail, which could last 20 years or more.

Like all of our faux wood beams and accessories, our viga tails have realistic texture and grain patterns because we start with a real wood viga tail, make a mold of it and then create the faux wood versions using highly durable polyurethane. This way you have all the beauty of the real thing without any of the inconvenience.

And they’re not limited to exterior use either. Viga tails can be used in pretty much any room.  They can look especially good in hallways to create the illusion that they’re part of the second floor supports.

If your home features an adobe or Southwestern style, our faux wood viga tails are the smart choice for long-lasting, beautiful decorative elements. Even with other rustic home styles, viga tails can improve curb appeal and add the perfect finishing touch.

Viga tail photos prove how they improve a home's exterior appearance

Viga tails add a decorative element to adobe-style homes, boosting curb appeal as these photos show.

Viga tail break up the appearance of blank exterior walls

Faux viga tails are a low-maintenance way to dress up the exterior of a Southwestern-style home

Faux wood viga tails last longer and require almost no maintenance This before and after shows how quickly real wood versions can rot compared to fake wood vigas.

Faux wood Viga tail close-up shows the realistic wood grain Faux wood viga tail close up proves how much like genuine wood it looks, but it won't warp or rot.