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Bikers Use Beams for a Ceiling Transformation

Bikers Use Beams for a Ceiling Transformation

Hog-ridin' home decorators use our Timber false beams to transform their living room.

Bikers Transform a Ceiling with Beams

Our synthetic wood beams come in a handful of finishes or unfinished so you can stain them however you like. Lee ordered our beams in a Walnut finish; which matched existing wooden features like their awesome Harley Davidson sign.

Lee F, from North Carolina, recently sent us pictures of his weekend ceiling project - the addition of fantastic-looking faux wood beams in his living room.

Lee's use of beams was particularly smart because he added them to the entrance arches of his main room; mimicking how archways are often where you'll see exposed wood in real historic houses - the ones that feature structural timber beams.

But that kind of authenticity comes with a price. Lee's faux wood alternative doesn't. For a fraction of the price of using real wood - and without any major renovations needed - he added these incredible beams over the course of just a couple of days.

"It was an easy weekend project," Lee emailed. "They make a fantastic addition to my vaulted ceiling."

The use of ceiling beam straps on the faux wood beam helps to evoke an authetntic, historical design found in older real wood construction. Using rubber beam straps gave our false beams a really authentic look.

Lee chose to order our Timber synthetic wood beams in Walnut finish, which effortlessly matched the existing wooden features of his home; including the stunning sign which identified their house as the home of hog ridin' Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

Another cool touch was the addition of our rubber beam straps, which perfectly mimic the appearance of the old iron straps used to reinforce timber roof beams.

Those little details; plus the intricate detailing that reproduces every grain and imperfection of real timber in a light and versatile polyurethane foam, make it pretty impossible to tell that Lee's new ceiling features aren't the real thing.

"My neighbors thought that these were real wood beams," Lee boasts. "They wanted to know how I put them up there by myself!"

We love seeing projects like Lee's - because they prove time and time again that even something simple and straightforward, like adding our faux wood beams to your ceiling - can be accomplished in different and exciting ways.

If you've recently used our false beams, please send us before and after pictures. We'd love to feature them here! Email us at