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ceiling beams

Beyond the Beam

Beyond the Beam

We write a lot here about solid, three-dimensional faux wood beams and accessories, but let's not forget about the flatter side of life: faux wood panels. You can find these at our sister site, and they come in styles that coordinate with some of our most popular beams and accessories.

Beyond the Beams

Two of the newest panels at are Woodland and Raised Grain, and they're each part of a larger family of faux products. The Woodland family includes custom beams, corbels and mantels. The Raised Grain family includes beams, corbels and scrolled-end beams.

When you combine solid beams and accessories with flat panels in a single project, you can get really amazing results. The photo below shows what one of our customers did with Raised Grain beams and panels to transform a high ceiling into an architectural feature that defines the entire room.

So today's tip is simple: When you're thinking about using faux beams for your project, think beyond the beam. Think about the flat stuff as well.