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Bestselling Faux Stone Mailbox - Spooky New Address

Bestselling Faux Stone Mailbox - Spooky New Address

It’s a little early for Halloween – but that didn’t stop one of our best selling products getting a spooky new address, courtesy of customer Richard.

Bestselling Faux Stone Mailbox

Faux stone mailbox A beautiful home needs a beautiful mailbox

We always love getting feedback from customers – especially when it includes photos! Just last week, we received an email from Minnesota, where customer Richard Elke has just installed his new Tumbled Stone Calico Mailbox.

“I wanted to move to that block, with all those gorgeous homes,” our customer service expert Shari admitted, “until I saw the street address!”

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the gorgeous pictures, but Richard’s new mailbox collects letters addressed to “Cemetery Road”! But don’t let the spooky name put you off – a golf course is actually closer than the Catholic graveyard Cemetery Road eventually leads to.

Richard’s mailbox is a great addition to his front lawn – beautifully matching the timber and brickwork of his gorgeous house. Just like the faux stone mailboxes we wrote about last week, the Tumbled Stone Mailbox installs easily, over a 4”x4” fencepost, and once installed looks just like an intricately hand-laid river rock column with a classic metal mailbox installed.

Add curb appeal with a faux stone mailbox Fortunately, Richard's neighborhood is not as scary as the road name makes it sound!

The secret to the amazing look is the molding process used to perfectly capture the texture and detail of real river rock.

The mailbox column is molded in medium density polyethylene that recreates every crag and crevice, and is then painstakingly detailed with calico coloring until it’s practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

They’re available in brown, calico and grey – and the grey model is a Barron Designs best seller.

So is Cemetery Road the spookiest location for one of our faux stone products?