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ceiling beam styles

Arches! Vaults! Curves!

Arches! Vaults! Curves!

The world is suddenly curved. I kid you not, this is big news.

Until now, every faux beam we’ve ever sold (or anyone else has ever sold) has been straight.

Straight: Adjective. Extending or moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend.

Which meant you couldn’t do certain things with faux beams, like make rounded arches and trusses. Our customers kept nagging us for curved or arched beams, so they could be more creative and make classic architectural structures like hammer-beam trusses.

The big news So the big news is: Arched faux beams have finally arrived!

Arch: Noun. A curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening.

Vaults! Curves! Arches! 

Our new Arched Woodland beams are a dream come true for the sophisticated designer and remodeler. And we’re proud to be the only supplier of arched beams on the planet.

What you can do with them

Imagine the possibilities:

  • First and foremost, you can finally make arched trusses entirely from faux beams. Until now the only option has been real wood, which is expensive and typically needs lots of added structural support. For most remodeling projects, the whole idea has been either impossible or not worth the time and cost. With curved faux beams, it’s a new ballgame.
  • In addition to complex trusses, you can also create simple arches that span an opening or even from wall to wall. Our arched beams are available with two different curves, so you can choose the right curve for the opening.
  • We offer some really nice curved knee braces, but what if you need something on a larger scale? A curved beam can give you just the size and heft you need for a bigger project.
  • We also offer several styles of outlookers with various kinds of integrated knee braces. But for a larger structure, you can create more massive outlookers by combining straight decorative header beams with the new curved beams as braces.

The specs

You can get the new Arched Woodland beams in two different curves, several cross-section sizes, and a variety of finishes.

Beams with a 36-inch radius are 6-1/2 feet long with a cross section of 6 by 6 inches or 8 by 8 inches. Beams with a 157-inch radius are 12-1/2 feet long with a cross section of 6 by 6 inches, 8 by 8 inches or 8 by 10 inches.

The beams come unfinished or with a factory finish of walnut, cedar or oak. And you can get them with a Class A fire rating.

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