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Arches, Vaults, and Curves, Oh My!

Arches, Vaults, and Curves, Oh My!

Are you looking to add wooden beams to your home, but you’d like something with more impact than a simple straight beam? Barron Designs has you covered with a wide selection of arched faux wood beams that will bring height, drama and interest to any space. Use them in your living room, dining room, kitchen or entryway to completely transform your home’s look.

There was a time when you would have to spend an incredible amount of money to get an arched beam made from real wood. The expensive, time-consuming process of creating curved wooden beams requires years of experience and skill. Many homeowners have abandoned their plans to add arched beams because they found the real wood options to be too expensive and difficult to install. 

Fortunately, there is a better option available today. Faux wood arched beams provide the same impressive look as real wood at a fraction of the price. They are lightweight, easy to install and affordable, and the many customizable options available mean that you’re sure to find an arched beam that is perfect for your home’s style. 

Faux wood arched beams allow you to be more creative with your designs — creating classic architectural structures like hammer-beam trusses that are expensive and difficult to achieve with real wood. Barron Designs’ arched beams and trusses can be combined in countless ways to create distinct, impressive features for both the interior and exterior of your home.

What You Can Do With Arched Beams

Our faux wood arched beams, including the popular Arched Woodland Beam, are a dream come true for the sophisticated designer and remodeler. Imagine the possibilities:

  • You can create arched trusses entirely from faux beams, including designs that would be extremely difficult or expensive with real wood.
  • In addition to complex trusses, you can also create simple arches that span an opening, or run from wall to wall. Our arched beams are available with two different curves, so you can choose the right option for your room and needs.
  • Barron Designs also offers curved knee braces (also referred to as gables or eave brackets). But what if you need something on a larger scale? A curved beam can give you the size and heft you need for a bigger project.

There’s No Place Like Home to Bring Your Design Dreams to Life

No matter what the aesthetic of your home, you can find an arched beam that will elevate your design. The beams are perfect for both interior and exterior projects, and can be used independently or as part of a larger design. Opt for a lightly stained finish for coastal or bohemian rooms, or choose richer tones for rustic or modern designs. Using curved faux wood products will make your vaulted ceilings look majestically high, and your smaller rooms look more spacious, without losing their welcoming feel.

From initial idea to final execution, Barron Designs will be there for you every step of the way. Our team of friendly customer experience experts have the knowledge to help you decide exactly what you need for your next project. Shop today!