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DIY Projects

All Squared Away with Faux Wood Beams

All Squared Away with Faux Wood Beams

Talk about an innovative design! One of our customers just sent us these awesome pictures; showcasing a ceiling fan in style.

Faux beams were cut and arranged in an interesting pattern to highlight the ceiling fan.

The unusual shape of the Mill's ceiling made this installation a little more challenging than normal.

All Squared Away with Faux Beams

Our false beams can transform a home in many different ways - such as giving a traditional, exposed-beam look to a modern home, or breaking up the empty space of a cavernous wood ceiling.

But our beams can also be used to showcase other items in the home - like in the case of these photos, sent to us by the Mills family from Long Island. They used our Custom Rough Sawn Beams in walnut to create a striking design on their usually-vaulted ceiling which framed the matching walnut ceiling fan they had installed.

Proper planning allowed for these perfectly cut beam pieces.

Close-ups reveal how every beam had to be sized to fit this design.

Although seemingly simply enough when you look at it from down on the floor, this synthetic wood design feature is actually a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The four longest beams were installed in standard fashion - using wooden mounting blocks, which the u-shaped hollow interior of each beam can slot over for the totally seamless installation on the ceiling.

But the square frame at the center of the ceiling? That took thought.

We're impressed with the beautiful ceiling beam design installed expertly on this uneven vaulted ceiling.

The unusually-angled ceiling made for an additional challenge; but not one beyond the means of most carpenters.

If you look at the closeups of the beams, you'll see that all four lengths are joined together at 45 degree angles; which is simple enough to do with real wood and even easier with our lightweight polyurethane beams. But the clever part is how the beams are also cut lengthwise; so they are all level with the floor, even though the ceiling itself is angled in not one, not two, but four different directions overall!

Fortunately cutting our beams is a very simply process. Because they're molded from tough and durable polyurethane foam, you can actually cut them to size with a regular wood saw; so the impressive carpentry that resulted in this elegant design required nothing more than a regular wood saw and ruler.

Draw the eyes throw the room with added visual cues from your faux ceiling beams.

The end result totally transforms this room.

The finishing touches required touching up any joins with colored caulk - and after that, the project comes together beautifully. From the floor, it's impossible to tell this stylish ceiling installation isn't made from real wood; and it's totally transformed the room.

Do you like it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments section below.