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How to Add Value to Your Home with Brick Veneer Siding

How to Add Value to Your Home with Brick Veneer Siding

There are few siding styles as timeless and beautiful as brick. Homes with stately brick exteriors exude strength, rustic personality, and eye-catching curb appeal. However, real brick can be expensive, difficult to replace, and tough to install. For homeowners looking to increase the value of their home with the classic beauty of brick, without breaking their budget, exterior faux brick siding is the solution.

Types of Exterior Brick Siding

Barron Designs offers two faux brick products that look equally as realistic but are not the same.

Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panel in Whitewash Brick
Our faux brick veneer panels are made of high-density polyurethane that is cast from a mold of real bricks to achieve the most realistic look and texture possible. Faux brick veneer panels can be installed using a combination of adhesive and screws, or adhesive only.

Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panel in Whitewash Brick
Our exterior faux brick siding is made of molded polypropylene and installed like vinyl siding using starter strips. These are highly durable in the face of extreme climate conditions such as sunlight, wind, moisture, and cold.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Gray Black Blend

NovikBrick Faux Brick Siding in Gray Black Blend

Before you start an exterior home upgrade, be sure to look at all your options. To help you make the most informed decision possible, keep reading to learn how faux brick and real brick siding compare.

Faux Exterior Brick Siding vs. Real Brick

While real brick and faux brick siding look very similar and have the same classic beauty, faux brick is a more affordable and DIY-friendly choice. If you are looking at options for your home’s exterior, take these pros and cons into consideration.

Faux Brick Siding Pros

  • More affordable than real brick to purchase, ship, and install
  • Easier to install yourself using our step-by-step installation guide
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-clean
  • Provides a real brick look and texture
  • Energy efficient, and offers an extra layer of insulation
  • Durable in typical weather conditions
  • Adds value by boosting curb appeal

Faux Brick Siding Cons

  • May have to be replaced sooner than real brick would
  • Return on investment usually not as high as real brick

Real Brick Pros

  • Highly durable
  • May add more value to your home than faux brick
  • Many color varieties are available

Real Brick Cons

  • More expensive than faux brick
  • Must be installed by a professional
  • May require extra structural support to install
  • Requires some upkeep and cleaning such as mortar repair
  • Finding a matching replacement can be difficult

Ultimately, the decision to choose faux brick siding or real brick comes down to how much money and time you’re willing to spend on the product, installation, and maintenance.

How to Choose the Right Exterior Brick Siding

Whether you plan to install a beautiful brick accent wall, or you’re looking to cover your entire home, one of our four authentic faux brick siding color options is sure to do the job.

Once you’ve selected your color, use our helpful color chart to help you coordinate your faux brick color with the right trim pieces and ledges.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Gray Black
Faux brick siding in Gray Black Blend is a great option for adding a touch of modern flair to your home’s exterior.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Gray Black
NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Red Used Blend
Faux brick siding in Red Used Blend adds dimension and interest to your home’s exterior that can increase its resale value and boost curb appeal.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Red Used Blend
NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Brown Blend
Faux brick siding in Brown Blend is the perfect, elegant backdrop to your outdoor furniture and landscaping.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Brown Blend
NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Old Red Blend
The deep, rustic tones of faux brick siding in Old Red Blend are versatile and can complement any design.

NovikBrick HL Faux Brick Siding in Old Red Blend

How to Care for Your Faux Brick Siding

Faux brick siding is incredibly easy to maintain. It’s normal for your siding to collect small amounts of dirt and mildew on its surface over time. Therefore, we recommend cleaning your siding at least once annually, or maybe every three to four months if your siding is exposed to abrasives like sand or salt.

In most cases, faux brick siding can be cleaned with regular water and a garden hose. Do not use a high-power pressure washer. If water alone doesn’t remove all of the debris, you can use a mild diluted cleaning solution to help.

For more information on how to make a simple, diluted cleaning solution and for safety tips, download the Novik care and cleaning guide.

Boost Curb Appeal and Increase Home Value

Faux brick siding has the same look and feel as natural brick, without the expense and headache of installation and upkeep. Boosting curb appeal is as simple as selecting your preferred exterior brick siding, and following our easy installation instructions.

When you’re ready to order your faux brick siding, be sure you get the right amount of product! For a quick guide on how to measure your home for siding, click below.

How to Measure for Siding (A Guide)