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Accenting a Plank Ceiling with Beams

Accenting a Plank Ceiling with Beams

Ceiling Plank Designs with Beams

One of the big advantages of our beams is their realism - as demonstrated when they were combined with a real wood plank ceiling!

A home's real wood plank ceiling enhanced with faux timber beams The existing real wood plank ceiling is beautifully complimented by Timber style beams in Walnut

Recently, we had these pictures sent in by a customer, demonstrating one of the unique advantages of faux beams. Not only do they look great, but they're authentic looking that they can be paired up with real wood and people still can't tell the difference.

In this example, our classic Timber Beams in Walnut stain were chosen to adorn the ceiling of this beautiful open-plan home. The challenge? The ceilings themselves were already finished with real wood slats.

Bohemian chic decor with plank and beam ceiling The beams really go with the bohemian chic decor

Anything other than these beams would look terrible side-by-side with real wood; but fortunately our products passed the test. They were also breathtakingly easy to install. Our beams can be held in place by a two-man team, and attached by drilling them directly into ceiling mounting blocks. In this example, those mounting blocks were attached over the existing wooden slats, through to the ceiling surface beneath.

Open plan home's ceiling design created with real wood planks and faux beams combined. One beam had to be cut at an angle to fit snugly, but that was straightforward enough.

The result, as you can see, is incredibly realistic and compliments the decor beautifully. It makes the open-plan home look much for characterful and timeless, and matches the clean tan walls and abundant art adorning the walls.

The only real challenge was cutting them to fit. As you can see from the pictures, one angled wall required a carefully measured cut to make the beam fit flush.

Tray ceiling adorned with wood ceiling planks and fake Timber beams. The beams stretch across the entire ceiling - but still only took two people to install.

Fortunately, our beams can be cut to size with a regular wood saw - and as long as you follow the motto of 'measure twice, cut once' there's nothing beyond the scope of a regular home construction enthusiast.

What do you make of this look? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.