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installing stone veneer

Accent Wall Tips - Installing Stone Veneer over Brick

Accent Wall Tips - Installing Stone Veneer over Brick

One of the advantages of our stone textured panels is that they’re easy to install – but this is especially true when a project calls for installing panels over interior brickwork.

Installing Stone Veneer over Brick

Accent walls are all the rage, and easy to accomplish with stone veneer panels. Accent walls are currently very popular, and add scope and scale to a room.

Watch a recent home improvement show and you’ll notice something – accent wall ideas are all the rage. More and more designers are realizing that you can add a whole new dimension to a room by adding texture, color and design to one or more interior wall sections. Stone is an especially popular choice.

But there’s a challenge to adding authentic stone to interior walls: Real stone is expensive, difficult to install and time consuming to finish correctly.

Installing stone over interior brick presents a challenge because brickwork is porous and uneven. Adding stone requires at the very minimum a scratch coat of plaster over the brickwork to serve as a mounting surface - and this can take hours to put on and days to dry.

Most contractors, however, would recommend going a step further. Because real stone is so heavy, a metal lath is a better way to ensure the stone components stay where they’re supposed. That adds even more time and expense to the process.

Which is why veneer is a better option.

With our panels, you can get the great look of stone on your accent walls with little more than a wood saw and screw gun.

You can install the panels directly to the wall surface itself – no scratch coat or metal lath required. The panels can be attached with regular construction adhesive and screws; and are interlocking to ensure a seamless pattern across the entire surface. Check out our installation guides.

Accent wall ideas can be easily carried out beautiful with affordable stone veneer panels. Regular constructive adhesive and screws make installing stone veneer quick and easy.

Installing the panels takes just hours; compared to days or more for real stone; and unlike the more expensive construction materials, our panels won’t tumble off the wall if there’s a problem.

And most importantly, they look great.

Molded from high density polyurethane, with textures lifted directly from authentic stone, rock and brick, the panels weigh a fraction of real stone – but are practically indistinguishable to look at. Just look at our gallery of photos of projects to see for yourself.

If you’re coming up with an accent wall idea of your own for the interior of your home, do some research to compare the cost and ease-of-installation between our panels and real stone.