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A New Welcome to Town Sign for Loyalist Township

A New Welcome to Town Sign for Loyalist Township

Stacked Stone Design Idea and Project

A Canadian municipality has a new welcome to town sign, with an impressive stacked stone look.

We're excited whenever we see businesses use our panels for signs and trade show displays, but we recently had a first when the township of Loyalist had their welcome sign made using our Norwich Stacked Stone panels in Creamy Beige.

The sign was created by Gorway Group Incorporated, one of Ontario's leading advertising, identification and print display companies.

Welcome to town sign built for Loyalist township in Ontario, covered with stacked stone style panels. Loyalist's new welcome to town sign

Loyalist is a beautiful community on the banks of Lake Ontario, consisting of a mainland community and Amherst Island. It was settled in 1784 by disgruntled loyalists from the American War of Independence, and as such is one of Ontario's oldest and most storied communities. That's why, when they needed a new sign to welcome visitors, they wanted something that represented the heritage of the town and the community that lives there.

The sign was constructed at Gorway's workshop, then transported to the final installation site.

Stone was the natural choice, but there were various reasons why it wasn't an ideal choice of material for the construction of the sign - not least of which was cost. In addition, Gorway Group planned to build the sign on their own site, then transport and install it at the edge of town; and that's not something that's possible to do with hundreds of pounds of stones and brick.

Putting the sign's wall into place

Fortunately, offered a great alternative solution - our vividly realistic stone style panels. Manufactured from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam, they provide the look of stone in a format that's lightweight and easy to install; and that offered Gorway incredible versatility in the construction of their the. Using our panels to provide the stone 'look' enabled them to build the structure of the sign in their workshop using traditional framing techniques and then easily transport it to the installation site.

Real stone foundations secured the sign in place.

The panels installed directly onto the flat surface of the sign frame, and once secured with screws and construction adhesive delivered the stone texture that is entirely seamless across the entire surface of the sign. Gorway's designers perfectly mitered the corners of the sign and trimmed the edges to ensure the entire structure looked like it was constructed from real stone.

Once the initial build was complete, the sign was transported to the installation site via truck - once again, something that couldn't have been done if real stone or brick had been used. A heavy stone foundation secured the sign in place, and also mirrored the beige color of the panels. Adding the large black lettering was the last piece, finishing the task of creating a dramatic and highly visible welcome sign.

Close up view of Loyalist Township's new welcome sign. As you can see from this close-up, the panels' stacked stone texture is incredibly realistic.

Gorway did a fantastic job in building and installing the sign; and it's a wonderful way for people to know that they're entering this historic little Ontario community. It's another perfect demonstration of the versatility and practicality of our panels.