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A Modern Home's Remodel Adds Historic Character

A Modern Home's Remodel Adds Historic Character

We recently received these photos of a home remodel in Kentucky - a project that expertly combined modern with historic using our Hand Hewn Cedar Beams in Cocoa.

The Bluegrass State of Kentucky is one of the most character-rich and historic in the Union, and the city of Paducah is a prime example of KY's heritage - with more than twenty blocks of downtown designated as a Historic District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

While that makes Paducah a wonderful place to live, it also makes living up to the city's history and heritage a challenge. That's certainly the dilemma that faced the customers who recently sent in these pictures of their stunning home makeover.

A Kentucky modern home remodeled with historic character using Hand Hewn beams.

In their case, the challenge was to upgrade their home while also keeping in character with Paducah's heritage. That was a problem because the supporting beams in their open-plan living area were purely functional, and modern home-building techniques didn't add much character to the dwelling.

But that's where an eye for interior design and a talent for carpentry came in. These enterprising homeowners covered the supporting columns with the Hand Hewn beams (4-sided option), and then added more beams along the length of the ceiling to create the illusion of an historic, timber-beamed home.

The magic happens because the homeowners managed to seamlessly connect the horizontal columns with the vertical ones - something made especially easy with our beams because of their uniform width. Cutting them to size with a regular wood saw and filling in any gaps with grout created the illusion of a complex, sturdy and structural wood beam framework; and that's exactly what fits in with Paducah's historic character.

Hollow beams installed on a Kentucky home's ceiling and around the support columns.

Two things stand out about this project, first being the beam style choice. Hand Hewn resembles lengths of old timber hacked into shape with a chisel and hammer. Molded from the original article, you can't tell the difference from the real thing without reaching out and touching them.

Secondly, this is the sort of project that simply couldn't be done with solid wood beams. For a start, they couldn't support the weight that the structural columns do, and that becomes doubly true when you throw in the cross-members added after the fact. Our beams allow for a look that could only otherwise come from living in a real timber-framed home.

It's a fantastic project and we're so excited to feature it here. But what do you make of it? Let us know in the comments section below.