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A House with Curb Appeal

A House with Curb Appeal

Craig's Curb Appeal

House with Nailon Desert Buff Faux Siding

Craig W. from Florida completed renovations to his home prior to selling and sent in this photo of the house’s completed exterior with Nailon Desert Buff siding. Craig’s finished result is an excellent example of a house with terrific curb appeal – attractive, tidy and ready to make a great first impression to prospective buyers.

In addition to the fresh look of the installed paneling, you’ll notice a few elements of the front exterior of the home that would draw in potential buyers.

• The front door looks new and bright, with an interesting window detail in the middle to catch the eye.

• There is a nice mailbox with surrounding vegetation with the house number clearly visible.

• The bushes and flowers in the front garden are neat, well kept and symmetrical.

• The white stones bordering the flower bed and the walkway nicely set off the green grass.

• The white lattice on the right side is a nice visual touch while also hiding the gutter.

• Wind chimes hung by the door can create a nice welcoming sound for visitors – you should make your house appeal to all the senses after all!