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8 Exterior Siding Ideas for a Modern Look

8 Exterior Siding Ideas for a Modern Look

When your home needs a refresh, its exterior is the place to start. Your home’s exterior is the first thing neighbors and guests see, and often the first thing possible buyers look at when they consider purchasing a home.

Materials like stacked stone, brick, and river rock are popular choices many homeowners use to bring class and modern elegance to their home’s exterior. Real natural stone, brick, and rock, however, are expensive and difficult to install, requiring help from a professional. The massive weight of these natural materials alone could put extra strain on the structure of your home.

There’s no doubt that faux exterior siding is a smart, affordable alternative to the real thing. It has the same look as natural materials, but it's lightweight and incredibly user-friendly to install.

To get you started, we’ve outlined eight DIY and budget-friendly exterior siding ideas you can use to achieve the look you want!

Exterior Siding Ideas to Transform Your Home

Taking your home’s exterior from tired and dull to vibrant and eye-catching doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Our faux exterior siding, made from durable polypropylene, is resistant to extreme weather, and damage from pests and decay.

Use one or more of these affordable modern exterior siding options to boost your home’s curb appeal and its resale value!

Novik cobblestone faux stone siding

1. Wainscot Your Home’s Exterior

Faux cobblestone siding panels mimic the rough, offbeat beauty of natural cobblestone. Wainscot the bottom third or half of your front porch walls with faux cobblestone panels to accent your existing siding, and draw the eye to your home’s entryway. To achieve this look, try Novik Cobblestone Faux Stone Siding in Castle.

2. Create a Rustic Exterior Accent Wall

No matter where you live, faux river rock siding panels’ organic color and smooth, rounded texture will transform your home’s exterior. This siding design uses Novik Faux River Rock Siding in Athabasca to create a rustic accent wall that perfectly complements the color of the existing siding. 

Faux river rock exterior siding

Novik fieldstone exterior siding panels

3. Pair Your Exterior Siding with Contemporary Accents

This exterior siding idea proves that opposites attract. The warm, simple charm of faux fieldstone siding panels, paired with the clean lines of the modern front door is a stunning combination. This contemporary style exterior features Novik Faux Fieldstone Siding in Grand Canyon.

4. Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Boost your home’s curb appeal by highlighting its best features with a contrasting color. This home’s tall gables are adorned with faux northern shakes, crafted to mimic the look of authentic cedar shakes. The uniform height and minimal surface texture of the shakes bring elegance and natural appeal to the home’s exterior. Bring this idea to life with Novik Northern Shake Siding in Windsor Blue.

Novik northern shake exterior siding

Novik faux brick exterior siding

5. Add a Touch of Classic Texture with Faux Brick

Add the everlasting look of classic brick to your home’s exposed foundation, without the expense of hiring a mason to install it. Faux brick exterior siding is crafted to mimic the charm and dimension of real brick and eliminates the expense and time-consuming installation. Novik Faux Brick Siding in Red Used Blend makes this home exterior stand out.

6. Use Faux Stone for Monochromatic Style

Pair premium hand cut faux stone in any color with black, gray, white, and beige accents for a bold monochromatic home exterior that’s anything but dull. This modern exterior siding idea uses Novik Premium Hand Cut Faux Stone in Onyx.
Novik premium hand-cut faux stone siding

Novik dry stack faux stone siding

7. Turn Heads With a Unique Stacked Stone Exterior

Dry stack faux stone siding gives you the modern enhancement your home’s exterior craves. Dry stack stone siding panels are available in nine authentic colors to suit your style! This modern home features Novik Dry Stack Faux Stone Siding in Onyx.

8. Mix and Match Siding Styles for Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

Don’t be afraid to mix and match exterior siding ideas for a more dynamic look! Check out how this homeowner paired Novik Hand Cut Faux Stone in Canyon Blend with Novik Hand Split Shakes in White for a pleasant contrast with big curb appeal.

Novik hand-cut faux stone and hand split shakes

Benefits of Faux Exterior Siding

Without a doubt, siding materials like natural wood, stone, brick, and river rock are beautiful, but is the expense, effort, and upkeep of authentic materials worth it?

Faux brick, wood, stone, and rock exterior siding panels are:

  • Made to mimic the look and feel of real, natural materials.
  • More affordable than real materials to purchase, ship, install, and maintain.
  • Made from lightweight molded polypropylene as opposed to the heavy weight of real materials.
  • Easy to install yourself in just a few days using simple tools and our step-by-step installation guide.
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • Resistant to damage from weather conditions like rain, extreme heat or cold, wind, and harsh sunlight.

Start Your Project Today!

If you’re looking for a modern exterior siding solution that’s affordable, easy to maintain, and beautifully mimics the natural look and feel of real brick, stone, wood, and river rock, Barron Designs exterior siding panels check all the boxes. With multiple styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your home’s personality.

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