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Beams on ceiling of bedroom

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Costs much less than traditional, natural products

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Designed for seamless integration and easy installation

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Largest selection of styles and textures in the industry

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Hand-painted by artisans to look just like the real thing

Faux wood L-headers, or 2-sided beams, are ornamental features that will add an eye-catching finish to windows, doors and garage openings. Our faux wood L-headers are made from high-density polyurethane, a closed cell material that is unaffected by exterior elements such as wind, rain, harsh temperatures and sunlight. Once installed, the headers won’t crack, fade or rot.

The faux wood headers are available unfinished to paint yourself or pre-finished in several natural, attractive colors. Choose from a wide range of texture styles, whether your project calls for the clean lines of Smooth or the rugged character of Timber. All faux wood L-headers are offered in custom size combinations and optional edge texturing to best accommodate your design plan.

Our L-headers, or 2-sided beams, are also used in conjunction with 3-sided beams when customers want to start installation at the wall. For instance, you’d put an L-header at the left and right sides of a room where the ceilings meet the wall, and then run a number of beams parallel to them.