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Wall Cap - Wide

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$105.16 / each

Production Time Approx. 3 to 5 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

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You may have already decided to add our wall paneling to an existing wall on your property – transforming its design from so-so to so-fabulous. Take your project a step further by adding the Wide Wall cap, an essential component in achieving a finished final look.

Like all of our other products, Wide Wall Caps bear an incredible likeness to real stone, but are made of a heavy-duty, yet lightweight polyurethane - a bonus for anyone who wants the stone look without the expense and need for a professional mason.

The installation process is quick and easy, and once complete; the caps are virtually maintenance-free. Their material is impervious to cold, sunlight, rain and other climate conditions, allowing the caps to accent your walls for years without cracking, rotting or fading.

Whether your wall surrounds a small flower bed or borders an entire property, Wide Wall Caps are versatile enough to look great in any residential or commercial landscape.

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