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Traditional Hewn Wood Plank

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Production Time Approx. 4 to 6 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

PLEASE NOTE that the product dimensions you are selecting are the outside dimensions of the product. 

Description of Traditional Hewn Real Wood Planks

Custom Traditional Hewn are rough cut wood planks that will give your home or commercial design project the gorgeous, time-honored look of old-world craftsmanship.

Installed alone or paired with our matching Custom Traditional Hewn beams, the planks are ideal for a variety of projects. Use them to cover an entire ceiling or wall in a living room, bedroom or entranceway or place them around a door or window for a charmingly rustic effect.

Made from cedar, the planks are subjected to a special treatment and finishing process by our expert woodworkers. This process gives them their aged texture while shielding them from splitting, checking and other forms of wear and tear.

Choose from 1000s of width and length combinations, extra texturing options and a wide array of appealing finish choices. Each plank is consistently cut to size to eliminate waste and best fit your specific design specifications.

Important! Any products intended to be used in an exterior application needs to be top coated with a high quality clear coat exterior polyurethane with a UV inhibitor to protect the finish from fading.

Please note that planks are textured and finished on the face only. Even when adding textured/finished edges and/or ends, the backside of the plank will not be textured or finished.

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