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Shipping Policy

Shipping is not included in the product price. In most cases, a shipping estimate will be provided during checkout. Your order will be reviewed upon submission. If there is a variance from the estimated shipping or if shipping is unable to be calculated during checkout, you will be notified of the final shipping costs. Note: the aforementioned term shipping, and hereinafter, shall be defined as our shipping and handling fee.

Attention International Customers
Please be aware that you will be required to pay taxes and duties upon receiving your order.

Estimated Delivery Dates
Please check our website for the estimated ship dates on the product(s) you are ordering.

Storage Fees
If the Trucking Company used to ship your order is currently in possession of your products, you may be subject to their rules concerning storage of items not delivered. If the Trucking Company calls to arrange a delivery and delivery is postponed by customer it is possible you will accrue charges for storage. For more information, please read and review the website or terms and conditions of the Trucking Company used to deliver your order.
For large-volume orders (typically over $50,000) where a 50% deposit was given to begin production and the balance is due prior to shipping, you may be subject to storage fees for products held at our facilities. If upon completion of the order the balance is not paid within Five (5) business days, storage fees will be charged per day equal to 1% of the total order.

Address Representation
If customer misrepresents the delivery address as a business address and it is in fact a home business in a residential area, all residential charges made by the trucking/delivery company will be the responsibility of the buyer/customer and will be charged to your credit card or reflected in your invoice. Any address correction done by FedEx, UPS or any other carrier due to misrepresentation on order form by customer will reflect in a back charge and customer will be invoiced. Additional charges will also apply if the freight company deems the address to be a “Limited Access” destination and these charges will be charged to your credit card or reflected in your invoice. Examples of “Limited Access” destinations are, Churches, Military Sites, Schools, and Mini Storage Facilities.

Receiving Your Shipment

  1. Please inspect your shipment immediately, carefully and thoroughly BEFORE signing for the delivery.
  2. You, or an adult whom you have authorized to inspect the shipment in your absence, must sign for, or reject the shipment.
  3. If for ANY reason you are unable to fully inspect your shipment, you must write on the delivery receipt "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION."
  4. In the unlikely event that your shipment is damaged, read and follow the directions in If Your Shipment Is Damaged carefully and fully.

If Your Shipment Is Damaged
If your shipment arrives damaged, you must reject the shipment, or the part that is damaged, and have the driver note the damage on the delivery receipt. Then contact us at 800-651-4223 and we will reissue replacements immediately.

If you find damage to your shipment, but choose to accept it anyway, you must have the driver note on the delivery receipt that the shipment is damaged and the driver must also sign the receipt. Then you must file a claim directly with the shipping company for the damaged portion of your order.(Damage to your shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company. cannot file a claim for your damaged shipment – only the receiver can.) Please keep any and all damaged merchandise as well as all packing material for the trucking company's inspector to see. Reorder on the website or call us at 800-651-4223 

All shipments will be carefully inspected and packed before leaving the warehouse. They will be shipped the best carrier possible (UPS, Motor Freight, etc). Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier at time of pickup. Please unpack carefully. Keep original packing if there is damage and report any damages to the carrier immediately. Our responsibility for the condition of the goods ends when the carrier accepts them. It is your responsibility to file claim for damaged merchandise. We cannot file claims, we can only verify.

Hidden Damage
Upon acceptance of your shipment, you have 24 hours in which to notify the shipping company of any hidden damage. If you do not notify them within this time frame, any future claim for said parts will be null and void. If any items are required to repair the damaged merchandise, those items will have to be paid by the customer. We strongly recommend that you examine your order in full upon time of delivery and notify us immediately before accepting delivery if you find damaged parts.

If product is received damaged, FOLLOW THESE STEPS

  1. Notify shipping company
  2. Call or email with invoice number and damage that occurred
  3. Send picture of damage (box, product, etc.) and be sure to keep all original packaging material
  4. You will then receive instruction by email as to how your claim will be resolved.

All claims must be supported with pictures of broken/damaged part, invoice number and name of purchaser. No claim will be handled/accepted if documentation is not provided. In some instances, we need to have the damaged goods sent back to us in order to send you a replacement. For further information contact us at 800-651-4223.

By choosing Barron Designs, you elect to deal with independent trucking companies whom are fully insured and will reimburse you as long as the proper procedures are followed. is not responsible for any error or damage that occurs in transit (when it is in possession of the independent trucking company) and therefore cannot issue a credit to your account in that case.