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Old Chicago Brick Wraparound Trim

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Products produced with fire-rated polyurethane are intended for environments where low flame spread and smoke development ratings are required.

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$29.00 / each

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Old Chicago brick wraparound trim is an incredibly versatile product that can be used to enhance practically any exterior renovation. The interesting design allows it to be easily used in numerous settings where other styles of decorative trim and ledgers may not have been a perfect fit. If your home features wide frames around your doors and windows, or you have deep set doors and windows, wraparound trim can help.

All the unique nooks, divots and classic wear patterns of real reclaimed brick are faithfully reproduced in our decorative trim. You’ll know the difference due to its affordability and ease of installation, but passersby will immediately think it is real brick masonry. Made from the same durable, lightweight polyurethane as its complementary panels, Old Chicago Wraparound Trim will add to the illusion of beautiful reclaimed brick on your home without needing to worry about cracking, chipping or deterioration.

As with all of our molded polyurethane products, you can easily cut or miter these trim pieces to suit your individual needs using any woodcutting tool. Following proper installation procedures, you can give your home the historical sophistication of antique weathered brick in an evening (and without breaking the bank). No matter what your exterior renovation requires, decorative trim is sure to help in creating your desired look.

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