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Home Bar Design Ideas

Looking to build or update a home bar? Using real wood, stone or brick masonry may be too heavy and costly for your needs. Barron Designs provide a simple, attractive and easy to install alternative to the real thing.

Made from lightweight, durable polyurethane, our products are virtually maintenance-free, resistant to wear and tear, stand up to heat and moisture, and are resistant to pests and insects. Also, they are made from molds of the real thing in order to provide a authentic look.

  • Easy, DIY-friendly installation
  • Great for indoor or outdoor bars
  • Resistant to weather, moisture, insects and pests
  • Available in a large array of colors, textures and styles
  • Ships right to your front door

Looking for home bar ideas to make your place the popular spot? Whether you’re entertaining VIP guests, watching the big game or just hanging out, the right design can wow your friends and improve the value of your home.

These pictures demonstrate our wall panels and faux beams used indoors and out to create stunning designs that are sure to have people wanting to return. The tough polyurethane materials stands up to wear and tear, the weather, pests and more with ease. They’re practically maintenance free.

Whether you’re creating a Irish Pub in your basement, a wet bar for your dining area or an outdoor bar for socializing, our products will get the job done easier, more affordably and just as attractive. Take a look below at just a few of the successful home bar projects completed by our customers.