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Barron Designs Featured in Architectural Digest

Looking for your next DIY project? Adding beams to your space provides endless design possibilities. While a transformation of that size may seem daunting, our faux wood beams provide a simple solution.


As featured in Architectural Digest’s article 6 Advanced Home Improvement Projects That You Actually Can Do Yourself: “Wood beams can seriously elevate a space, be it a hallway or living room. Turns out you don’t have to be a superhero to work with them, at least not if they come from Barron Designs.”


Mike Welch, an interior designer based in NYC, shares his experience using our Rough Sawn Faux Wood Beams to complete a bedroom design project. Welch notes that “Unless you can afford to restore or rip beams from an old barn, this will cost you a tenth of what you pay for the real thing.”


Between the realistic look, cost savings, and ease of install, our faux wood beams give the perfect solution for homeowners looking for their next transformation.