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Faux Rock Panels

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Improve the look of your home or business with our faux rock panels. You can use our river rock design to match your natural surroundings if you live in the country or add a touch of nature to an urban environment if you live in town.


Our indoor and outdoor faux rock panels are durable and easy to install because they're made from high-density polyurethane. Plus, they can resist fading, splitting, and rotting. 


Faux rock panels are the answer when you're seeking a gorgeous design feature that looks real and lasts a lifetime. Shop Samples Today!

Colorado Dry Stack Panels in Iced Gray used on an outdoor patio project.

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Advantages of Faux Rock Panels

Rock design elements can look incredible inside your home and around your property – and you don't even need to hire a professional when you use faux rock panels. 


Durable in All Weather

Our faux rock panels are made of high-density polyurethane so they can withstand climate conditions like wind, moisture, harsh cold and scorching sun, and most other forms of wear and tear. 


Faux rock panels don’t attract insects or pests and will continue to look great without fading, cracking, or peeling for many years to come.


Low-Cost Shipping and Installing


Because high-density polyurethane is very lightweight, our faux rock panels are more cost-efficient to ship and easier to install than real rock. 


With our simple instructions and tools that you likely already own, it's possible to install our faux rock panels in hours – and without headaches or muscle strain. 


See how faux rock panels can work with your home design ideas! Shop Samples of Faux Rock Panels 




Tips on Installing Faux Rock Panels 

Wondering how to install faux wall panels? It’s easy! One person can easily install our faux rock panels because they're so lightweight – yet durable.


Follow these steps to get started: 

- Lay the panels out on the ground in the order you plan to install them and make sure no specific area draws your eye. 


- Think through the entire installation project and how you might handle the more difficult areas, such as corners, windows, and doors – then figure out the hardest part first. 


- We offer a variety of molded corner and trim pieces that will coordinate beautifully with your panels.


Read more instructions: Interior Installation or Exterior Installation.


Home Design Ideas for Faux Rock Panels
Adding faux rock features to your home is the fastest way to bring nature to your doorstep without the hassle of major remodeling or landscaping. Use faux rock panels anywhere from your kitchen to your patio.


Try these ideas for using faux rock panels in your home!


- Add to a patio wall to give your grilling area a lift
- Cover foundations of your home
- Decorate your entranceway
- Bring drama to your bedroom
- Give your basement a natural finish
- Make your kitchen island stand out