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Faux Brick Panels

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Colorado Dry Stack Panels in Iced Gray used on an outdoor patio project.

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Faux Brick Panels

Our collection of faux brick wall panels and siding will help you add the classic style and appeal of real brick to your interior and exterior - whether you’re remodeling your home or designing a new business space. Available in a wide range of realistic textures and shades, including red, white, brown, dark gray and more - our faux brick paneling offers a myriad of design possibilities, indoors and out.

While everyone will think you hired a professional mason, what they’ll really be seeing is the work of realistic-looking, high-density polyurethane. This very durable material is known to make your exterior faux brick panels withstand a wide range of extreme climate conditions: wind, moisture, harsh cold and scorching sun, and all other forms of wear and tear. It doesn’t attract insects or pests either, and will continue to look great without fading, cracking or peeling for many years to come.

Polyurethane is also incredibly lightweight, so it’s more cost-efficient to ship, and easier to install than real brick. You won’t need a contractor or a brick mason. With our simple instructions and tools that you likely already own, you can likely have the faux brick wall panels or columns installed within hours, and without headaches or muscle strain. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with Barron Designs!