Faux Panels Photo Galleries

The Faux Panels photo galleries highlight various home and commercial uses of fake stone, rock, brick and more.

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Over the years, Barron Designs customers have sent us their photos highlighting the many design ideas possible with our products. Everyone from design professionals and seasoned contractors to first time DIYers and new homeowners have been delighted with their outcomes and felt the urge to share with us.

At FauxPanels.com® our photo galleries are broken down by product line and project type, and our customers continue to surprise us with new and amazing installations. You can find images of our various fake stone and brick panels used for home interiors and exteriors, in restaurants and retail stores, as part of set designs and trade show displays, just to name a few.

Browse through our enormous collection of photos and see how faux panels can enhance your own project – quickly, affordably and with amazing final results.