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Barron DesignsCommitted to You

Barron Designs is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding personalized service and high-quality products.

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Costs Much Less Than Traditional, Natural Products

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Designed for Seamless Integration and Easy Installation

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Largest Selection of Styles and Textures in the Industry

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Hand-Painted by Artisans to Look Just Like the Real Thing

Design Ideas

You’ll be impressed by all of the creative project ideas and looks that can be completed easily and affordably with Barron Designs. Whether it’s updating your home, sprucing up your business, or even creating horse jumps, using our faux products are a perfect alternative to the real thing.

Thanks to their durability, lightweight construction, ease of installation and realistic look, you can add the beauty of stone, rock, brick and wood to practically any room or exterior without breaking the bank. Barron Designs’ products are the perfect alternative to the real thing when you want to save time and money, without skimping on quality.

Customers continue to impress us with their projects and design plans, which is why we love to share them as much as possible. Don’t take our word for it when we say our beams can make a great wine cellar, or our panels are perfect for set design, we can create lightweight trade show displays or beautiful fireplaces…just take a look at what our customers have accomplished! All of these creative project ideas are courtesy of our happy customers. And the testimonials we’ve received show just how happy they are with their choice!