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Everything from local mom-and-pop eateries in the Midwest, fast food franchises in the south and upscale New York City restaurants have turned to Barron Designs. Updating a restaurant’s décor or storefront design with artificial stone, rock, brick or wood is affordable without cutting out quality and durability.

A few of the reasons so many restaurants choose our panels include their beautiful, realistic looks, great price points, lowered labor costs, reduced renovation time and durability, among other things. All of our products are made from molds of real stone, brick and wood in materials that will withstand deterioration of any kind.

Our intelligent and friendly Customer Service Department is on hand to help you out with all of your questions. Not only are they knowledgeable about the products, we also have consultants and design engineers with years of experience and degrees in the field. Whether you're not sure which style works best, have questions on Firerated polyurethane panels, need help with blueprint takeoffs or are uncertain about something, just give them a call!

Budget Friendly:
Barron Designs products are designed to help cut costs without skimping on quality. They weigh a fraction of real wood, stone, rock and brick making them simpler to install and reducing labor costs. You won't have to worry about expensive masonry teams, added supports due to weight limitations or heavy machinery. Time to completion on a project will practically be cut down to nothing.

Long Lasting Durability:
Unlike real stone or brick products, each panel is built to stand up to abuse. There's no need to worry about colors fading or edges chipping and flaking off. Our products have been subjected to rigorous testing to make certain that they withstand strong winds, heavy rains and a range of temperatures. Not even the midday sun of an Arizona summer or a bone-chilling Minnesota winter will ruin them.

Benefits for Restaurants

  • Reduces restaurant renovation time and costs
  • Available with Firerated polyurethane
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Resistant to fading, chipping, deterioration and more
  • Save on labor and installation
  • Looks like real stone, brick, wood and rock
  • No special cleaners needed