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Carlton Castle Rock Column Sleeve - Medium

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$269.00 / each

Production Time Approx. 2 to 3 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

As a convenient and affordable alternative to remodeling with real stone, Castle Rock outdoor pillars significantly upgrade the look and feel of your landscape design. Used for covering existing structural supports, these imitation rock pillars add a signature appeal to your property that will take you by surprise.

Offering a wide variety of design options, they can be used to adorn your front porch, flank your driveway, anchor your interior living space, accent a fence and more. They also go nicely with matching panels installed on your walls, inside or out. Easy enough to install on your own, the DIY installation guide included with your order lets you put up your pillars in no time.

Their high-density polyurethane material is also extremely lightweight and weatherproof, making them an enduringly practical and cost-effective choice. Crafted from molds made of natural castle rock, they have the appearance and texture of the real thing. Even more, imitation rock won’t crack, dust, fade or chip. With no need for maintenance or cleaning, they will always look new.

Column Caps sold separately. Coordinating Column caps are Barron SKUs BCACCLSFLN and BCACCLSPMN. 

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