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You Gotta Get Some Columns!

You Gotta Get Some Columns!

Looking for Faux Columns?

One of my favorite SNL skits was the one done by Scarlett Johansson and Fred Armisen - "You gotta get yourself some marble columns." It’s kind of a random topic to parody, but both of their performances literally had me rolling on the ground laughing.

Don’t get me wrong, while I thought this skit was hysterical – it was due more to Fred and Scarlett’s comic enthusiasm than anything. I actually think columns can add really nice visual interest to your home – although the ones they were hawking may not be up your alley.

How about some faux columns? They look really realistic, but lightweight enough that you won’t be lugging around heavy stone or brick and spending tons of money on a professional mason.

Wellington Drystack Quarry Gray Faux Columns

One of our customers recently put these Drystack Quarry Gray faux columns up at their model house and sent us this photo.

Another nice use of columns is to set off a yard or border fence. It can turn a boring wood or metal fence into something a little more interesting looking. This photo was sent in by a customer using Majesty Augusta stone fence posts:

Majesty Augusta Stone Fence Posts