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Why Faux Stone Is the Best Choice for RV Interior Wall Panels

Why Faux Stone Is the Best Choice for RV Interior Wall Panels

Whether your RV is a secondary home or your primary residence, your home on wheels is built for exploring. An RV gives you the flexibility to travel the country, avoid costly hotel stays, make memories with your family, and even work from the road.

Because you spend a lot of time in your RV, it's important that it be comfortable and that its interior is a reflection of your style. Installing faux stone or brick wall paneling is a smart way to bring character to your RV without adding weight to your vehicle which could cause problems down the road.

Plus, RV wall panels are easy to install and more affordable than real stone or brick.

Faux Stone & Brick Panels Are the Solution for a Gorgeous RV Interior Wall Upgrade

Wall panels add a pop of personality and design to your RV’s interior, but have even more to offer.

Lightweight and GVWR Friendly

RV owners like you have to keep the total weight of the vehicle under its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The GVWR is important from a safety standpoint. If your RV exceeds the GVWR, your vehicle is deemed to be unsafe to operate because braking takes longer and tires cannot handle the intense pressure of the extra weight.

When compared to natural stone and brick, faux wall panels are much lighter in weight. With faux, your RV interior upgrade is GVWR friendly, opening up a whole array of design options.

Easy to Install

RV paneling installation is easy to accomplish on your own. No need to hire a contractor! With simple tools and materials (many of which you probably have on hand already), you’ll complete the project in just a few hours.

Same Look and Feel as Real Brick and Stone

Faux wall paneling is made with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every brick and stone panel variety looks like the real thing because each panel is cast from a mold made from actual brick or stone, giving it true-to-life features. What’s more, faux wall panels are hand-painted for natural variations in color from panel to panel.

Available in Several Varieties

With a wide variety of faux brick and stone wall panels available, you can achieve any aesthetic. Capture the antique, weathered look of reclaimed brick with Old Chicago Faux Brick Panels, or invite warmth into your RV with Kentucky Dry Stack Stone Wall Panels.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

With RV living comes a little extra dirt, harsh sunlight, and pests. Therefore, you need a product that withstands any exposure to these elements.

Every faux wall panel is made from durable polyurethane, so maintenance on your end is almost nonexistent. Wall paneling won’t fade in the sun or suffer water damage, cannot be ingested by pests, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Add Character and Style to Your RV Interior

Chances are unless you’ve already put unique design touches on your RV, it probably looks like the next one. RV paneling enables you to bring individuality to the space and make it look less “stock.”

You can create a distinction between spaces with a faux stone accent wall or capture the eye with a faux brick fireplace surround. These cozy design elements are sure to make long rides more enjoyable.

Clever Ways to Use RV Wall Panels

Put your pedal to the metal and take your style on the road with these clever RV interior upgrade ideas.

  • Add an aesthetic, yet functional, accent wall to create separation between your dining, cooking, and sleeping spaces.
  • Add an eye-catching headboard behind your bed using faux stone for a touch of rustic charm.
  • If your RV has counter space or an island, consider surrounding it with classic, beautiful faux brick.
  • Use faux paneling as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, taking care to avoid areas exposed to soap scum.
  • Surround your fireplace with faux stone or brick paneling for a bold focal piece. But be sure that your panels are not exposed to direct heat.

Connie M. is a satisfied faux stone panel customer and had the following to say about her RV interior wall transformation:

“We wanted to have a fireplace in our motor home and save money by doing it ourselves. Also, we'd never seen a motor home with a stone fireplace like we wanted. We built the mantel ourselves from some scrap wood we had, sanded and stained it to complement the colors in the stone. In order to prevent us from making a mistake cutting the stone, we made a paper pattern first with our measurements written on it. We built a frame for the fireplace so it wouldn't move when the motor home was traveling. Following the paper pattern, we cut and installed the stone and fireplace. Those who have seen it, have said "Wow, it looks so real!” It has become the centerpiece of our motor home, making it feel like a cabin instead of a motor home.”

Before and after photo of a recreational vehicle's fireplace remodeled with faux panels.

Customize Your RV With Wall Panels Today!

Treat your RV like your home and make it look like no one else’s. With faux brick and stone wall panels, you’re inviting layers of bold, cozy vibes to its interior. No matter how you use them, lightweight faux paneling provides a safe, affordable, and easy-to-install interior decor solution for your RV.

For more design inspiration and to view our full collection of faux panels, click below.

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