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Weighty Issues Solved for Mobile Home Foundations

Weighty Issues Solved for Mobile Home Foundations

A mobile home foundation may seem counter intuitive - but with more people choosing these types of homes as their primary residence, there's an increasing demand for a more permanent look. But how can this be done? There is a solution...

Weighty Issues Solved for Foundations of Mobile Homes

Before and after picture of a mobile home foundation created with faux brick skirting panels. Before and After - brick style panels attach directly to existing wooden skirting frames to create a realistic foundation look

To some people, the idea of a "mobile home" carries some stigma.

Their origins date back to the 1920s, when the increase in vehicle ownership saw the creation of "travel trailers" that allowed families to pull a trailer laden with all the comforts of home behind them.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, many of these travel trailers were re-purposed into more permanent homes, as people lost their real houses and property in the stock market crash.

That saw the development of mobile trailers specifically designed to be used as permanent housing - trailered to one specific location (normally a "trailer park" of similar homes) and then installed and inhabited like a regular house.

Today, mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular and desirable as housing options - not just for low-income groups, but for those looking for flexibility, affordability and versatility in where they live.

One way in which residents can help make their factory-designed home speak to their own personal style is with FauxPanels.

Mobile home foundation with the appearance of traditional stonework without the cost or weight of the real thing. These vividly textured panels look just like real brick or stonework.

Mobile homes are elevated from the ground - the panels can be installed around the home as skirting to give the impression of a sturdy, real stone foundation.

With an easily installation on existing wooden skirting frames, the panels interconnect seamlessly to give a vivid impression of continuous stonework that is impossible tell from the real thing until you touch it.

But what's best about using these panels is that, when the time comes, they are just as mobile as the home is.

Real stone foundations would cost tens of thousands of dollars to build, and almost as much to demolish. By going "faux" mobile homeowners get a home that looks like a castle, with none of the hassle.