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Veneer Panels That Won't Go to Pieces

Veneer Panels That Won't Go to Pieces

Sturdy Veneer Panels

Our products won't go to pieces in a crisis.

There's nothing more obvious than a missing piece of veneer

A while ago, we blogged about a game many of the crew play - tapping and inspecting seemingly stone walls we encounter to see if they're 'one of ours.' Because our veneer panels are so vividly realistic, it's generally impossible to tell the difference with just a glance.

But sometimes there are visual clues - and one common one is the dreaded 'missing brick' that occurs in some of our competitors' products.

Many competing products attach manufactured stone 'bricks' to a wall in a similar fashion to installing tiles on a bathroom wall. In some respects this is a great option, because you really are installing 'real' stone to the wall; just as a veneer rather than using actual stone blocks.

Versetta panels are made from manufactured stone, but in a single piece that resists damage.

(We actually offer a similar product with our Versetta line, but they are designed in solid pieces, unlike the individual parts of some of our competitor's products.)

The downside is that sometimes, some of these individual pieces will come off.

What with people brushing past the walls, and houses shifting and adjusting, it's actually a fairly common issue - and that normally results in a gaping, conspicuous hole in the pattern. Often you can see the grout or even the drywall or concrete underneath!

Repairing the damage is easy enough - if you can find the missing piece. But sometimes they get lost, or break, and given the random pattern of these stone walls (which is part of their appeal) its impossible to find a replacement.

That's where our products offer a distinct advantage.

Don't let the 'faux' fool you. Not only are our polyurethene panels vividly realistic, they're also much tougher and more durable than individually-affixed stone veneer.

Because to the naked eye, they look just as good as the individually-affixed stone pieces. This is because our panels are all molded directly from real stacked stone, and each nook, crevice and imperfection is exactly duplicated in our molding process.

But because they're made in one solid piece of tough and durable polyurethane, there are no individual pieces to fall off. They can take an unusual amount of punishment and keep looking vividly realistic.

It's certainly something to think about when considering stone veneer for your decor - there's nothing that can ruin a stunning look quicker than a piece popping off and revealing the illusion.