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Trending DIY Home Interior Design Ideas for Summer

Trending DIY Home Interior Design Ideas for Summer

How can you create an interior design that evokes a summertime feeling in your home? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You’ll need to use materials that hearken back toward sunshine, warm weather, and time spent outdoors. To get you started, we’ll show you a few trending DIY home interior design ideas to help you recreate these feelings in your interior spaces.

Update Your Mantel’s Look

Mantels make you think of crackling fires and wintery weather—and that’s what makes it the perfect spot to bring a little summery goodness into your home. It’s time to put away the wintertime decorations that normally adorn your mantel in favor of things that bring a sense of freshness to your living space. Consider adding plants and flowers, or draw attention to the mantel with colorful decorations in greens, sky blues, and other shades reminiscent of warm weather.

Don’t have a mantel? We can help with that. You’ll find that Barron Designs custom creates a broad selection of both real and faux wood mantels that you can use to update the look of your living space. Get creative—you don’t even need a fireplace, just a wall that you want to turn into a focal point. Installing these mantels is an easy project that the average DIYer can complete in a weekend.

Create a Connection to the Outdoors

Colorado Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall panel in Motley Gray

Colorado Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panel in Motley Gray

When warm weather rolls around, many of us head outdoors to reconnect with nature—and you can use nature to great effect when it comes to summer DIY home interior design ideas. With the right elements, you can create a connection to the outdoors that you can enjoy year-round. For example, many larger renovations include additional windows—often large picture windows or floor-to-ceiling windows—to give interior spaces a great view and plenty of sunlight.

If a major renovation isn’t in your budget, there are other ways you can bring the outdoors inside to create a more summery vibe in your living spaces. All it takes is a focus on natural elements like wood, stone, and greenery. One way you can do it? Use our faux stone wall panels to create a gorgeous accent wall in the span of a weekend.

Build a Pleasant Plant ShelfPlant shelf

Houseplants are a huge trend—and the reason why is because there are few better ways to capture the natural essence of summertime. This is a simple design idea that only requires lighting and shelving in order to get the look. For most houseplants, eastern, western, or southern-facing windows work well, but you can always use LED plant lighting if you need to.

And for the shelving? Use our wood planks along with shelf brackets to create all the space you’ll need for pots and planters.

Build a Bar to Cool Off & Host CompanySomerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Boston

Somerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Boston

Sometimes, no matter how sunny and beautiful the weather looks, it’s just too hot outside. Those are the times when many homeowners find themselves wishing they could chill out in the air conditioning, enjoying a cool drink at their basement bar.

If that sounds like you, we can help you make this project happen. A basic home bar requires a framework, panels to cover the framing, and a countertop where you can mix and serve drinks. If you’ve got the skills or the budget to hire a contractor, you can also add outlets for a mini fridge or wine cooler, or put in plumbing to give your bar a sink.

But let’s talk about materials: To set the right vibe, choose from among any of our faux wood, brick, or stone panels to cover the bar’s framework. After that, you’ll need a countertop. To keep the look of your bar on-trend, consider mixing materials between the panels and the countertop itself. For example, if you’ve selected faux stone wall panels for the base of the bar, create a contrast with a chopping block or bamboo countertop (or use a stone countertop on a faux wood bar).

Get Your Home Summer-Ready with Barron Designs

From changes to decor to larger renovations that introduce natural elements or bring in more sunshine, there is a lot you can do to create an interior design that evokes fresh and fun summertime vibes. For larger projects that include accent walls, home bars, or other details where you’ll want the natural textures and colors of wood and stone, explore the beautiful beams and faux panels that Barron Designs offers. You’ll find a great selection of both faux and real products that you can use to bring your trending DIY home interior design ideas to life.