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Timber Carport Design with Stacked Stone Column Bases

Timber Carport Design with Stacked Stone Column Bases

Stacked Stone Column Bases for Timber Carport Design

This lovely timber carport built by homeowner Mark Kooyman was given a wonderful design touch with the addition of stacked stone-style post wraps and accessory caps.

One of the reasons people love 'old' things is because it's difficult to fake the decades or even centuries of exposure to the elements. A house made from weathered brick, or an old timber beam, always boasts the sort of character you just can't get from out-of-the-box building supplies.

Or can you?

Timber carport design with stacked stone column wraps installed around the base of each supporting post. Completed carport design

Because when Mark wanted to add a carport next to his California home, he needed to make sure the new addition blended into his stylish and characteristic home -- retaining a classic look while using modern building materials.

He had an idea to add stone columns to the base of each supporting post. The only problem? Using real stone would have been prohibitively expensive and impractical.

That's where came in. After browing our site, Mark selected Colorado Stacked Stone Columns and caps in Creamy Beige and used them to decorate each post base in lieu of heavy natural stone.

Manufactured from lightweight and durable polyurethane, the column wraps look just like the real thing. In addition, their innovative design and lightweight materials makes them easy to install -- no tricky right-angled corners or anything else that can spoil the illusion if not done properly.

Carport before photo Before

The columns are shipped in four separate pieces with a finishing cap to place on top. The panel pieces seamlessly interlock around the structural post or column you want to cover, reinforcing the look of real stacked stone.

It's a simple and straightforward installation - but as you can see from the BEFORE and AFTER pictures, makes a huge difference.

We think it's an awesome use of our columns - but what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.