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Storefront Remodel for a Landmark Family Business

Storefront Remodel for a Landmark Family Business

Landmark Family Business Storefront Remodel

The Codori family from Pennsylvania gave their family business' storefront a modern remodel with Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone panels.

Four generations of the Codori family have honored those who pass, with beautiful hand-crafted memorials and statues that grace graveyards and estates across eastern Pennsylvania. Almost as much of a local landmark is their original location in Gettysburg, PA, inside a gorgeous redbrick building that has stood there for decades.

Storefront remodel of Codori Memorials in Gettysburg, PA The remodeled storefront looks amazing - like a brand-new building!

Recently, however, Chris Codori and his family realized that the red brick exterior was making their business look a little dated - a risk not uncommon to any long-standing local business.  It was still a beautiful building, but the red-brick-white-frames reflected too much back to when the business first opened in the 1960s, and the family were worried that the Memorial headquarters looked old, out-of-date, and tired.

Red brick storefront, before the remodel Before the remodel

They decided a more modern approach was needed - and used their not inconsiderable knowledge and experience in craftsmanship to come up with a concept. In the end, a decision was made to paint the red brick a contemporary grey color, and then add new siding around the foundations as a contrast. That's where our panels came in.

The Codori family wanted to have a stone surround on the base of their building - but in addition to being expensive and impractical to install, it wasn't quite the right material to use - and given that the Cordoris have spent four generations working with stone, they'd know better than anybody!

But the 'look' they wanted was within reach a different way - thanks to Chris and his family ordered a series of our Colorado Stacked Stone panels in the Misty Morning color. The panels are are molded from real stacked stone walls, but come in a convenient and practical polyurethane material and interlocking sides that makes them really easy to install. The Codoris ordered enough to side the entire perimeter of the building, and then installed them directly onto the existing stone with screws and construction adhesive. The result, as you can see from the pictures, was a beautiful contrast to the grey brick, and adds a dynamic and modern new element to the old building.

If you look closely at the before and after photos, you'll see more things have stayed the same than changed. The classic sign, dating right back to the foundation of the company, remains in place - as does the white framing around the windows, and the illuminated sign out front. Yet these respectful retentions are perfectly in-keeping with the new decor, and its great that the past and the present get to coexist so harmoniously.

The faux panel facelift, with the new paint, has given the building a totally modern look - and it actually resembles a whole new build, rather than just an old building with a new finish. It's remarkable how much difference a small change can make; and our panels are playing their part to make sure that Codori Memorials looks modern and up to date for the next four generations of family craftsmen.