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Square Columns: Great Style for Your Home's Exterior

Square Columns: Great Style for Your Home's Exterior

Styling Homes Exterior with Square Columns

Square columns made of polyurethane offer an impressive variety of design possibilities for your home.  Easy to install, they make it easy to bring added beauty to support columns and pillars for your home and property.

Polyurethane square columns add the impressive look of stone to a home's entrance. Square columns make a colorful difference for a home's entrance

Our Carlton line  attractive wide styles that will add a new dimension of beauty to your designs.

The Carlton columns sleves measure 20” on each side.  Shipped as one piece, they are easy to slide over existing wood pillars or posts.

Cobblestone style columns make great accent pieces. Carlton columns in the cobblestone style make great accent pieces. Carlton brick style column with base and column cap. Carlton brick style columns can add visual appeal to driveway entrances

Both column styles are made of highly durable polyurethane foam that is extremely robust, yet lightweight and easy to install.  Crafted from molds made of genuine stone, the wide columns boast the exact texture and appearance as the real thing.

Carlton ledgestone columns installed on a poolside fence. Carlton ledgestone columns add grandeur to a pool fence

Allowing for a cost-effective and practical remodeling project that resembles the work of a professional stonemason, the columns are an easy way to give your home an aesthetic upgrade you’ll love.  Able to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, they’ll look like new for years to come.

Wellington Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns. Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns

Whether you use them to enhance your home’s front entrance, upgrade a driveway, add visual appeal to a porch or spruce up a property fence, wide columns will make a true difference for your home.

Dry stack columns with lamps attached adorn a patio entrance. Dry Stack columns adorn a patio entrance

Where can you see columns enhancing your home or property?  We'd love to know!