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Setting the Stage with Rough Hewn Wood Style

Setting the Stage with Rough Hewn Wood Style

Rough Hewn Wood Style for Stage Decoration

A Christian Youth Group created a truly stunning stage set design with the help of our Quick Ship Rough Hewn Beams.

Jon Hill, Director of Production for the the Christ in Youth Summer Events team, recently chose our beams to incorporate in the stage setup for one of their events.

Stage set design created for a Christ in Youth summer event using Custom Rough Hewn beams Our beams made a stunning stage setup.

What makes this different to the way most of our customers use our beams is that they weren't purely part of the decor. Jon used them to create  stunning structures to serve as part of the ministry being preached onstage.

Close up view of wood style structures built on stage for a Christ in Youth event. Jon Hill used the beams to build these structures with the highly realistic look of wood.

As you can see from the pictures, each structure was created using our beams - which involved careful plotting, planning and utilizing some canny construction skills. Fortunately Jon was in good hands selecting our materials, and worked with Customer Service Representative Cynthia to choose the correct sized beams.

Once those had been ordered cutting the beams to size was a relatively straightforward job. They are made from lightweight, yet durable polyurethane which can be cut to size with a regular wood saw. That allowed Jon to create the sections that came together to complete each finished product.

Wires from stage set lights hidden beautifully in hollow faux wood beams. The lights were powered by wires run seamlessly through the hollow beams.

From a distance, the beams look completely real. The choice of Rough Hewn was especially clever, as those beams have a more pronounced texture that is much easier to see from across a stage. One in place, it's difficult to believe they're not real wood.

By using these types of beams, not only did Jon save his ministry a ton of money, but it also made the structures easy to move around, store and construct. The beams cost and weigh a fraction of what real wood does; and that makes them ideal for use on stage.

By choosing the Rough Hewn texture the beams looked realistic even from across a crowded auditorium.

Other smart details include the light additions. They are designed to look like Biblical-era lanterns, but are obviously electric. The beams are hollow, so John was able to run the wires through their center, hiding them from the audience's view.

Stage lights with wires hidden in hollow beams. We're excited to see such a unique use for our products.

The entire project comes together beautifully, and we're really excited that our products were chosen to be used. While we love seeing our beams on people's ceilings, it's always a breath of fresh air to see new and innovative uses for them; and it's rare to see our products displayed as dynamically as here.