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Room Lighting Ideas Using Beams

Room Lighting Ideas Using Beams

Dining room remodeled with standard King truss made with Custom Timber beams and orbital chandelier Standard King truss made with
Custom Timber beams

Room lighting that's well-placed with appropriate wattage can have a huge impact on the existing decor. A room that's dimly lit, too bright or one with harsh lighting in one corner and none in the other can ruin your whole aesthetic.

Lighting fixtures made from unconventional materials or with a touch of whimsy are a favorite of ours, particularly when they're paired with faux ceiling beams. This takes the design to a whole new level - graduating the lighting from utilitarian to an active piece of art that can either complement or serve as the focal point of the room.

Below are a few examples of customers who used clever lighting with our beams to create beautiful and cohesive looks.

Brent S. combined the clean, industrial style of a high-rise restaurant with the rustic appeal of a custom timber beam. The light bulbs in different shapes dripping in varying lengths from the single beam make for a charming effect.

A rustic beam with dripping light bulbs beautifully accents the bar in this high-rise restaurant.

Sean from Indiana had the ingenious idea of attaching vintage-style Bell Jar lights to a single Heavy Sandblasted beam that he installed between his kitchen and living room. The boldness of the beam provides the perfect platform for this creative and playful look. "This solution is perfect for the everyday customer as well as commercial uses. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Vintage-style bell jar lights hung from a heavy sandblasted ceiling beam.

Beachwood beams beautifully accent the entryways and high ceilings of this open-plan living room and kitchen, finished off with a simple, yet elegant, orbital chandelier.

Open plan living room with faux Beachwood beams and wire orbital chandelier.

Over-sized glass bulbs hanging between two large Weathered Beams from our real wood collection add fun and luminous appeal to this kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen lighting achieved with oversize, hanging light bulbs and real weathered wood beams.

Looking to add a similar look to your home or business? View our full photo gallery for more inspiration and click here to see instructions on how to install hanging lights on faux beams.