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Placing straps on beams

Beam straps can be used to cover up seams on a beam, or they can even be a decorative element. We will show you a few ways that straps can be creatively used in a few different situations you may come across, as you are installing your beams.

A seam in the middle of the room

1. In this situation, you have two separate beams that you are running across your ceiling, you can place a strap in-between them to make them appear as one long beam. Before After

A seam that is off centered in the room

2. In this situation, you can place one strap over the seam, and then another one on the opposite side of the beam to balance out the look. Before After

A large beam centered in the room with smaller peices on either side

3. When want a symmetrical look and prefer not to have a strap in the center of the room, you can place two shorter beams on each end, then place straps over the seams. Before After

Adding straps, solely as a decorative element

4. If your beam spanning completely between the two walls, you may choose to place straps at each end of the beams as not to reveal the edges of the beam that are butting up against the wall. Before After