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Pattern Making with Planks

Pattern Making with Planks

Making Plank Patterns

One of the more interesting customer projects that was submitted to us recently was from a 58 year old woman and her husband who teamed up to build their own house in Texas.

Having no experience with carpentry whatsoever, Ms. Smith came up with ingenious idea to incorporate her skills as a hobby seamstress to create some of the exterior design on this house using Rough Sawn faux wood planks.

“I made up some paper patterns and put the patterns on the wood so I would know where to cut and how to put it together…. The lace cut fascia board you see, I cut out myself with a jigsaw and router, after my husband showed me how to hold the tools. Never touched them before in my life.”

Ms. Smith also designed and cut the Tudor trim seen on the left side of the house, as well as cutting and installing the shutters, all also made from the Rough Sawn planks.

“We showed everyone that stopped by along the way your product and they were all amazed at how real it looked. No one can tell it isn't wood.”

Using real wood to create a Tudor-style typically requires a massive amount of upkeep after the fact. But by choosing to use maintenance-free faux wood planking, the Smiths are saving themselves a massive amount of time, headache and expense.

Nice job Smiths!