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Oh My Beams! High-Ceiling Living Room Gets Top Marks

Oh My Beams! High-Ceiling Living Room Gets Top Marks

Christy Kish from Dublin, OH shared a picture of their high-ceiling living room remodeled with Tuscany beams.

Christy's project is a great example of why simplicity also has a firm place in design - how ceiling beams from Barron Designs can be used in their simplest, but most stunning fashion - transforming the look and feel of a room.

High-ceiling living room remodeled with Tuscany Beams. The beams on Christy's high-ceiling living room perfectly match the rest of its stylish decor.

In Christy's case, she and her husband had a gorgeous home with towering ceilings. To match their classic style of interior design, they wanted to feature wooden beams across the ceiling - just as you'd see in a historic home.

Using real timber was out of the question for a number of reasons. Not only was it prohibitively expensive, but it would be complex and difficult to raise heavy beams up that high, and secure them safely.

Fortunately, Christy found a solution with Tuscany Beams in Java. These beams are molded in lightweight, but durable polyurethane, and can attach to a ceiling with nothing more complicated than simple mounting blocks screwed into the studs.

To that end, it was an uncomplicated project. Christy and her husband ordered the beams 3-sided, with no end-caps, and left them in the hands of her contractor to install. The master carpenter simply measured the beams and cut them to size, and then installed them on the ceiling.

How long did it take? Less than a day! Christy writes: "Our contractor installed them while we were at work."

And the beams look great - perfectly matching the rest of the stylish decor and really adding a cozy element to this beautiful, big room.

"They look AMAZING!" Christy writes. "We love them!" And while this is certainly a lot less complex of a project than other ones we've featured recently, it's no less transformative - showing that sometimes simplicity is the key to timeless style.