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Noteworthy & Affordable Interior Commercial Design Trends

Noteworthy & Affordable Interior Commercial Design Trends

In today’s commercial spaces, designers are paying more attention to the details than ever before. Gone are the bland office designs filled with flickering fluorescent tube lights, and cookie cutter storefront featuring lots of concrete and neutral shades are going by the wayside, too.

Nowadays, people want inspiring, uplifting spaces in which to work or shop—and the interior commercial design trends for 2024—are reflective of these needs. To discover the most popular interior commercial design looks today, plus the products you can use to create them at an affordable price, read below.

Commercial Spaces that Embrace Biophilic Design

Faux wood panels

Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panel in Biscotti Java

These days, many builders and building owners are looking for ways to improve the interior atmosphere so that it’s more comfortable and better able to promote a sense of health and wellness. Biophilic design is an emerging trend that meshes natural elements with the built environment to do exactly that. In commercial spaces like office buildings and retail spaces, this design principle relies on making visual connections with nature to create a more pleasant, immersive environment. You can see elements of biophilia in places like hotel lobbies or waiting rooms where plants and fountains serve as natural-looking decor to create a more soothing aesthetic.

Adding elements like plants or water is one way to approach biophilic design—but you can also create this type of look in other ways. Windows overlooking green spaces are another method to make a better connection with nature, for example. However, it isn’t always possible to fill interior spaces with plants and water features, or to design spaces with lots of large windows—and that’s where you can capitalize on this trend by relying on stone and wood elements to create the natural look.

In fact, faux wood panels and faux stone panels may be the best option for this kind of project. Natural wood and stone are not only costly, but they’re also more difficult and time-consuming to install. On top of that, wood and stone can have higher maintenance needs since wood can be prone to moisture damage while stone can chip and crack. With products like the Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panel pictured above, you can bring the look and feel of nature into your commercial spaces—and you can do it at a lower cost, with shorter installation times, and with fewer ongoing maintenance concerns.

Combining Bold Colors and Textures to Transform Building Interior Aesthetics

Somerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panel

Somerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Panel in Boston

Today, one of the top trends in commercial interior design is one that goes bold on both colors and textures. The idea is to transform these spaces into something creative, innovative, and attention-grabbing.

Faux stone products like the Somerset Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panel are a great way to blend both color and texture into an interior design. The rough stone texture, the geometry in the square-cut shapes, and the pops of color throughout this panel all work together to create a lot of visual interest. Designers can use wall panels like these to create stunning statement walls or beautiful backdrops for company logos.

Other elements of this trend include adding large pieces of artwork to wide-open walls or incorporating woven textures like linen or rattan into your designs. In terms of color, 2024’s trends are leaning toward bold blues and warm peachy shades.

Creating Modern Industrial Aesthetics

Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panel

Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panel in Merlot

Modern industrial design is extremely popular in commercial spaces right now. This is a trend that blends sleek lines with visually interesting architectural elements to transform interior spaces. Sleek black steel window frames, ceiling beams, stained concrete flooring—these are all elements that commercial designers are using to pull this look together.

When it comes to walls, brick is an in-demand design choice, not only because it offers warm, rusty coloring to interior spaces, but also because it ramps up visual interest with a blend of geometric patterning and the traditional rough brick texture.

In existing commercial spaces, it can be expensive to install new brick or restore vintage brick walls to their former glory. With faux brick panels like this Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panel, you can get the look for a fraction of the cost.

Creating Multi-Functional Commercial Spaces

Reclaimed Beveled Shiplap Faux Barn Wood Wall Panel on a kitchen bar

Reclaimed Shiplap Faux Barn Wood Panel in Rustic

Today, the need for versatile workspaces that can quickly adapt to changing requirements is a must. This is a trend that began with the rise of the hybrid working model in which employees spend some of their time working from home, and some of their time in the office. In office spaces, the trend is to create modular environments that can easily support hot desking or group meetings of varying sizes.

Faux wall panel systems give you the perfect way to do this. Use them in conjunction with our other commercial products—like corners, trim, endcaps, and faux columns—to partition off larger rooms and create flexible, beautiful spaces for meetings, in-office work, and other activities.

Get a Trendy Look for Commercial Interior Spaces with Faux Wood and Stone Panels and Accessories

As you can see, today’s popular interior commercial design looks revolve heavily around natural materials and architectural elements that add both texture and color. With faux wood and stone panels from Barron Designs—plus trim and other accessories to create a finished look—you can create work or retail spaces inspired by nature, or that feature the bold colors, interesting textures, and modern themes that are so in demand right now.

For additional interior commercial design inspiration, be sure to browse through our product lineup. Contractors and other design professionals are welcome to join our Trade Benefits Program for access to exclusive perks designed to help you take your commercial designs to new heights.

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