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Keep an Old Home Kickin'

Keep an Old Home Kickin'

Updating An Old Home With Faux Beams

Making improvements to an antique home is a task that has to be handled with care. Those professionals and homeowners that have worked on older structures know that it can be a tenuous balancing act between keeping the house functional and upright while also preserving the integrity of the home's design.

We received these photos from two customers who both own homes that are over 80 years old. While they've created these looks with the help of modern materials, their choices of faux wood beams blend seamlessly with the rest of the homes to maintain their original charm.

Kathy from Ellington, CT added Rustic Ceiling Beams and Barnboard ceiling panels to keep the authentic look of her 1778 Colonial intact.

Justin Nylander from Ormond Beach, FL wrote, "I proudly own a 1924 historic Spanish Revial home. We have been enjoying restoring it to it's former glory...and with the addition of adding these wonderful and very realistic walnut stained faux wood beams to both the kitchen and dining room, the results are stunning...Looks like they were originally installed since 1924."