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Interior Redesign: A Pro Reinvents Her Own Home

Interior Redesign: A Pro Reinvents Her Own Home

House Interior Redesigning Using Faux Materials

Professional designer Andrea Kleiver sent us photos of the latest project she masterminded - the interior redesign of her own home using two styles of our faux beams.

We receive stunning pictures of customer's projects each and every day - so we're not exactly unused to saying: \"Wow."

But these really blew us away. She redesigned her home with the sort of style and panache you'd expect from an HGTV show-home, and our beams were an integral part of the process.

A home's stunning interior redesign included adding Custom Heritage beams to the great room. Andrea's stunning redesign included adding Heritage Beams to her great room.

The beams were used in two rooms of the home.

The first was the great room - where Andrea created a gorgeous ceiling design using Custom Heritage Beams in Rich Walnut.

Great room with Heritage beams installed to mirror real structural supports. Andrea studied how real wood beams would have been used to support a roof, and mirrored that layout

After installing a long central beam across the apex of the room, Andrea then added six shorter beams to extend from the middle beam, mirroring the layout of real wood structural beams. Andrea did her architectural research, and by planning a design that reinforced the realistic look of the beams, the end result looks incredible.

Great room's globe chandelier installed through a hollow faux wood beam. A chandelier was installed through the central beam, adding to the style of the project.

You also can see the globe chandelier that is hanging from the central beam. While it would be possible to hang a light from a solid beam, you'd see the wires leading from the mounting bracket. Andrea created a seamless look by installing her chandelier through the beam - supported by the ceiling studs overhead, but fitting flush with the faux wood. The wires and supporting chain all passed through the hollow beam; leaving the final installation absolutely seamless. This is one of the times in which 'going faux' ends up being better than the real thing - allowing Andrea to do something that would be difficult with real wood.

A young girl's bedroom remodeled by her interior designer mother using Custom Handhewn beams. Andrea's daughter's bedroom was the next recipient of our beams.

The second part of the project required three Custom Handhewn Beams. Andrea installed them on the walls and ceiling of an alcove in her daughter's bedroom, to create a cozy little reading nook. The bedroom has beautiful white wood board on the walls, so the dark Walnut hue of the beams contrasts beautifully, but also is entirely congruent with the look and style of the bedroom.

Bedroom reading nook framed with Custom Handhewn beams. Andrea framed this cozy little reading nook with our Custom Handhewn Beams.

The beams are just one component of this incredible home redesign, which involved a lot of thought and creativity throughout - but we're really excited to have played a part. Andrea's skills as a designer are obvious, and thanks to her we've got two great projects to show other prospective customers that are sure to inspire.

Bedroom with white wood board on the walls accented perfectly with Hand Hewn beams. Our beams perfectly blend with the white wood board walls.

What do you make of Andrea's work? Impressed? Let us know in the comments section below.