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How-To Videos with Faux Wooden Beams

How-To Videos with Faux Wooden Beams In case you haven’t seen our YouTube channel, here are a few how-to videos that will help you understand what faux wooden beams are, and how easy they are to install. The first video answers the question, \"What is a faux wood beam"? The second video is from the "I Hate My Kitchen" show on the DIY Network, and shows how using faux Timber beams saved on time, money, and effort for this young couple. The third video shows a customer who also used Timber beams for building a beautiful wine cellar. To see more videos of the advantages you'll get from our beams and faux stone panels, make sure to check out our YouTube channel.  It contains FAQ's, our TV appearances, professional/customer installation demonstrations, installation tips and more. You'll learn a lot!